Government Contract Financing in Colorado Springs

As a leading provider of government contract finance for government contractors in Colorado Springs, CSI understands the challenges facing government contract financing: startup capital constraints, lack of traditional bank financing options, capacity to handle larger contracts, cash flow timing and payroll issues.    

With CSI as your funding partner, you can effectively obtain working capital to pursue new contract opportunities with local, state and federal governments in Colorado Springs.  We are experienced in dealing with government compliance and we understand the government’s unique paying habits, culture, and terminology.  CSI provides flexible financial solutions which are tailored to your business – see start-up loans below within Government Contract Loans. 

Colorado Springs Government Contract Financing Options:

  • Government Factoring - we specialize in government contract factoring for start-up and established businesses that have invoices due from the federal government contracts
  • Government Contract Loans – we understand the extreme financial burden to begin a government contract, that is why CSI selectively offers to certain applicants a short term start-up loan to assist with the front-end working capital requirements

Government Contract Financing Benefits with CSI:

Facility Size:             $50,000 up to $5,000,000

CSI Government Financing Benefits:
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Secure Approval within 48 Hours
  • No Hidden Fees or Long-Term Commitment
  • Set-up Facility within 5 business days
  • Great Credit is Not a Requirement